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Virtual Dermatology

" Great results. Great personalized care. Thanks to Dr. Ross and staff ."
-- Mary E., Minneapolis

" I look at my new thighs in the mirror and for the first time in years I want to wear a bathing suit ."
-- Beth M., Maple Grove

" I was apprehensive about doing something like cosmetic surgery, I thought it was too vain but you put me at ease during the consult and the laser-wrinkle treatment worked perfectly ."
-- Jan C., Edina

" The facial hair is now gone and hasn't come back in over one year now! You have changed my life! "
-- Sara D., Bloomington

" What impressed me the most about Dr. Ross is that he agreed to perform the surgery on my outer thighs but said that I didn't need it in any other parts of the outer body. If I had been pressured to have more done than I thought necessary I would have gone somewhere else".
-- Minneapolis-St. Paul magazine, May 1989

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